New applications

Understanding the process

Debt review has become a very useful method for over indebted consumers to get themselves out of debt.

The process allows for a consumer that has been caught in excessive debt to apply to a debt counsellor to assist in restructuring the consumers debt as to make the repayments more affordable.

Steps in the process

Step 1.
Contact us on whatsapp, email or telephone to set up a free online or onsite consultation.

Step 2.
We will send you an application form (Form 16), you full in the information and send it back to us.

Step 3.
We will notify your creditors of the application as per the relevant legislation.

Step 4.
We request certificates of balance or alternatively confirmation of credit agreements. New repayment terms are negotiated with all your credit providers.

Step 5.
We consolidate your debt repayments into one single payment.

Step 6.
Our panel of experienced attorneys will make an application to court to make the restructured debt arrangement an order of court.

Step 7.
Once your debt has been paid off you can apply for a clearance certificate.

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It is important to note that there is no direct cost payable for the application as the remuneration of the Debt Counsellor is covered as part of the process.

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